Why You Should Visit Canada At Least Once In Your Lifetime?

Canada is one of the most beautiful destinations on this planet. From glacial-fed lakes, striking landscapes, national parks, animal watching spots, snow-peaked mountains, Canada has a lot to offer its visitors on every occasion.  When measured by the total area it is the world’s largest and is one of the most diverse countries.

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Here are some insane reasons as to why Canada should be in your bucket list:

  1. Canada is home to 38 national parks as of 2019. Some of the most popular national parks are Banff National park, Pacific Rim National Reserve, Mount Revelstoke and Glacier, Riding Mountain National park, Gros Morne National park, Jasper National Park, Thousand Island National park, Fundy National park, etc.
  2. Owing to its unique landscape and weather Canada is one of the best places to enjoy outdoor activities ranging from skiing, hiking, cycling, fishing, camping, boating, paragliding, animal watching, and many more at an affordable cost.
  3. Canada has been blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes. Whether you are seeking to go camping amidst panoramic views on the backdrop, turquoise lakes that illuminate at night or you are looking for a place where you can get a glimpse of the starry skies it is home to all.
  4. For animal enthusiasts and alike Canada is one of the best regions to spot one of your favorite animals. As it is home to plenty of national parks you can easily spot animals like grizzly bears, wolves, Beluga whales, dolphins, salmon, bison, elks, moose, caribou, polar bears, you have endless opportunities to do so.

Canada besides its famed landscape has a good concentration of museums like the Canadian War Museum, Canadian museum of art, Royal Ontario Museum, Royal BC Museum, etc. For more info visit American Airlines.

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