Top Things to do and see in Bermuda for Solo Travelers

Bermuda is one of the most beautiful destinations in the British Overseas territory, a tropical haven widely celebrated for its turquoise waters, beautiful islands and endless outdoor activities.  Divers and snorkelers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best dive sites since Bermuda has been a wealth of natural beauty.

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  • Visit the Horseshoe Beach: Horseshoe Beach is a popular tourist destination in Bermuda located on the southern coast along the Parish of Southampton. This region is widely celebrated for its “`silky-smooth sands and its sheet of turquoise water. This is one of the best places to endless outdoor activities like snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, fishing and many more.
  • Explore the Crystal Cave: The Crystal Cave is located along the Hamilton Parish and is around 500 meters long and approximately 62 meters deep. The cave is widely renowned for its weird topography, its subterranean waterways, its unique limestone formation, clear pools and for providing endless swimming opportunities. The cave is open for the public and is operated by Wilkinson Trust.
  • Dig in Deeper to Bermuda’s history: Visit Bermuda’s National Museum which first opened in 1974. Located along the sandy Parish on Ireland Island, this museum is acknowledged for its significant contribution to shaping Bermuda’s history. The museum several exhibitions that relate to Bermuda’s Defense Heritage, themes related to Bermuda’s slavery, immigration, tourism that dates back from World War I and II.

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