Top 3 Natural Attractions In Chile That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else

Chile is a completely natural beauty and there’s no denying. It is home to some of the weirdest and most amazing land formations mankind has ever seen. Get a chance to be a part of the most beautiful attractions in Chile by making your reservations with American Airlines Reservations.

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Narrow down your favorites with the list we have prepared below:

El Valle la Luna: El Valle la Luna or the Valley of the Moon is situated 8 miles away from the San Pedro de Atacama Desert. This region is notable for its unique topography, unique rock, and sand formations all of which have been either carved by wind or water. The entire valley exhibits an impressive mixture of colors that somehow reflects the same features of the moon’s surface. From large craters, dry lakes, salt deposits, caverns, pink color landscape, this region is an absolute beauty and unlike any other places on earth. El Valle la Luna in 1982 was declared as a Nature Sanctuary owing to its unique land features and forms part of the Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos. Point of attraction here includes – Valle de la Luna-the Salt mountain range, the amphitheater, Big Dune, sunset in the Valley of the moon, the landscape that resembles the moon crater, etc.

El Tatio: El Tatio is a popular geyser field straddled in between the Andes Mountains, northern Chile. El Tatio is the 3rd largest geyser field on this planet that sits at the foot of a series of Strato-volcanoes that stretches between Chile and Bolivia. It forms part of the Altiplano Puna Volcanoes, there is an endless number of geysers, hot springs, water fountains that shoot up abruptly, mud pots, sinter terraces, mud volcanoes and many more.

Villarrica: Villarrica is one of the most active Volcanoes in Chile located 750km south of Santiago. Rising above the lakes and town this volcano is also called Rucapillan or the devil’s house according to Mapuche word. This region is more popular with hikers and most popular during the summer months.

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