Interesting Facts About Santo Domingo You Have Never Heard Before

Santo Domingo is one of the largest metropolitan capital cities of the Dominican Republic. It was founded in 1496 by Bartholomew Columbus long the eastern banks of Ozama River and today it is one of the oldest European settlements in America. Santo Domingo is an interesting city with plenty of facts hidden under is radar. The white sandy beaches, the hippy culture, the colorful cocktail bars are all that you need for an unbeatable holiday.

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  • Santo Domingo is one of the oldest and the first seat where the Spanish ruled in the New World.
  • Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and after the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo, the city was named after him following his assassination.
  • Today it is an important seaport for the Dominican Republic, its harbor accommodates one of the largest vessels, heavy passengers, and freight traffic.
  • The earliest settlers around this region were the Taino people and later by five chiefdoms- Magua, Marien, Jaragua, Higuey, Maguana, etc.
  • Around 1502 Santo Domingo underwent major destruction by a hurricane. However, a large portion of the city’s defensive wall stands strong along the Colonial Zone and it has been declared as a World Heritage Site.
  • Santo Domingo experiences a tropical monsoon type of climate where the coolest month starts from December whereas summers start from July and last up to September. The months of November till April are considered the driest months.
  • Some of the hottest tourist attractions in Santo Domingo include Calle Las Damas, Alcazar de Colon,  Faro a Colon, Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, the three eyes, Fortaleza Ozama, Museum of the Royal Houses, etc.

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