Interesting Facts About Arkansas Nobody Will Tell You

Arkansas is the 29th largest as well as the 33rd most populates cities in the United States. Arkansas is dominated by dense forest, lowlands, mountains, and amazing landscapes. However, there are few facts about Arkansas which you may have never heard before. If you have been planning to visit Arkansas in the future then it would be wise enough on your path to do a little homework and find out what this beautiful city is all about.

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Here are some interesting facts about Arkansas:

1.         Little Rock is the most populated as well as the capital city of Arkansas. It is located at the central and is considered an important hub for business, culture, transportation, and political affairs.

2.         Arkansas was admitted as the 25th state in the US ON June 15, 1836.

3.         Arkansas separated from the United States in 1861 and joined the Confederated States of America when the Civil war took place.

4.         Arkansas witnessed a great change after World War II, today it is an important hub in terms of trade and commerce, poultry, agriculture, services, tourism and many more.

5.         Some of the most notable people from Arkansas include Bill Clinton, William Fulbright, Wesley Clark, Walmart founder- Sam Walton, Johnny Cash, Billy Bob Thornton, C.D.Wright, and many more.

6.         Arkansas is home to plenty of tourist attraction the most popular one being Arkansas Post National Memorial, Blanchard Springs Caverns, Buffalo National River, Smith National Historic Site, Hot Springs National Park, Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, Pea Ridge National Military Park, Arkansas State Capitol Building, etc.

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