Hidden Treasures in Honduras That You Have Never Heard Before

Although Honduras has remained under the radar for many tourists, there are hidden troves that may be known only to a handful of locals. Places which could be somewhat like a fairytale, hidden caves, spectacular sunset viewing spots, beaches with turquoise waters and many more. What’s more, some parts of Honduras can be extremely welcoming and with places like this, you surely don’t want to miss out.

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Check out these beautiful hidden destinations in Honduras worth exploring with your family at least once:

Lake Yojoa: Lake Yojoa is one of the largest lakes in Honduras, a lake formed between the cavities of volcanoes long ago. It covers an area of 79 km and is nestled right between two highways- Tegucigalpa highway and San Pedro Sula. Lake Yoga is a popular spot for fishing, birdwatching, hiking, exploring waterfalls, boating and for those seeking a peaceful environment.

Roatan: Roatan is a Bay Island which is an amazing dive and snorkel site as it is home to a rich population of coral reefs. The island has been lined with colorful cafes, reasonable hotels and plenty of places to enjoy sunsets.

Jeannette Kawas National Park: Jeannette Kawas National Park was named after Jeannette Kawas an environmental activist who was murdered after fighting for status for this national park. Today this park is brimming with wild flora and fauna ranging from monkeys, manatees, turtles and more than 100 bird species. The entire park has been encompassed by lush green forest, swamplands, blue lagoons, coral reefs, wetlands and plenty of places to hike, bike, fish, swim and enjoy the amazing landscape.

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