Best places to experience Vancouver Street Art

Vancouver is an art city, from blank walls filled with innovative animations to nature-inspired art, street art is everywhere. Some of the best Artwork at Granville Island, Downtown Vancouver, Main Street, South Strathcona, Granville Island, East Vancouver, South Granville, etc.

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Narrow down your searches with the list of places we have listed below

Artwork at Granville Island: Granville Island has an amazing art display from famous artists like Osgemeos. The island is home to the 21-meter Ocean concrete art mural –the first artwork in Canada.

Downtown Vancouver: Downtown Vancouver alleyways have been painted with bright pink and yellow alleyways. Many projects have been undertaken to reform the streets, the downtown laneways, the public spaces have been reshaped and transformed artistically with interesting colors and animations.

South Strathcona: South Strathcona is sprinkled with incredible artwork ranging from artworks by local artists, renowned muralists. Three main streets can be explored namely Industrial Avenue, station street, and Southern Avenue.

Main Street: Main street artworks is coupled with live music festivals and concerts everywhere. The street art here is more concentrated around the West Broadway region. It has some iconic mural painted walls and vibrant street art.

Alley Oop: Alley Oop is tossed away right at the center of the city at the intersection of Granville Street. This street is decorated with bright orange and pink motifs. It is one of the most photographed streets and is also renowned for its sporadic dance parties and hosting interesting games. For more travel information you can check American Airlines Official Site.

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