Amazing Dishes In Toronto That Will Win Your Hearts

Toronto is an emerging tourist destination in Canada brimming with unique art and culture, an interesting mix of people. Toronto in fact is considered one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities on this planet. Its uniqueness is most reflected by its friendly people and the number of historic sites it owns. Toronto is also acknowledged for being home to amazing cuisines and some of the top ones include Macarons, Poutine, Churros, Peameal bacon, roasted cauliflower, Bagels, Khao soi, and many more.

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Before that check out these amazing dishes to try while you are in Toronto:

Poutine: Poutine is an all-time local favorite, the most outlandish amongst the Canadian dishes. This dish dates back to the 19th century and is a peppery meat-based dish with gravy and curd. Poutine can be found in almost every Canadian Restaurant including Mc. Donald’s. It is high in protein, delicious and makes a great portion for big festivals and events.

Peameal bacon: Canadian bacon or Peameal bacon is traditional bacon that has been rolled and brined inside with cornmeal. If you want to get the best of Canadian Bacon then head to Carousel Bakery which is located in St. Lawrence Market.


Caesar: Caesar is a cocktail that is widely popular all over Canada, originally invented by a restaurant manager in 1969. Caesar is mainly made up of vodka, Clamato juice, salted rim, and Worchester. Although branded as a cocktail, many parts of Canadians consider it as a meal and is usually used for garnishing roasted chicken, pork mac, chicken, and many more dishes.

Split Pea Soup: Split Pea Soup is a classic French-Canadian food that used to be used by explorers made up of cured meats and peas. This soup was created to survive the travelers on their long journeys. Head up to Miron,s Habitant Pea Soup if you want to try some.

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