A Complete Guide to Explore Florida on a Budget

Florida is one of the most beautiful cities and there are zillions of things you can do only in Florida. From boat rides, paragliding, swimming, snorkeling to exploring the best Michelin restaurant, the Sunshine State is an absolutely dreamy destination. However, things can get pretty expensive and burn your pocket without proper planning especially when you are shoe tight on your budget. Thankfully there are vintage places where you can experience the glamour and grandeur of the city for free or at a cheaper rate.

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Check out these tips if you are looking for free things to do in the Sunshine State:

  1. Visit Munson or the Coldwater creek located along north-west of Florida. This region has been nicknamed as the canoe capital because it has the swiftest water with purest sand bottoms. This place is ideal for canoe lovers, swimmers, fishing, camping, and paddling. The shallow waters don’t charge you any money, it’s a must-visit if you really want to enjoy outdoor activities for free.
  2. Visit the St. Augustine Beach situated at the southern tip of Anastasia Island.  This place has an onsite picnic table playground, shower area, and volleyball court. Enjoy some sun, sand, and sea here free of cost. Dayton Beach is another beachy place with similar features, point of interest includes sunset viewing spots and parking spaces.
  3. If you want to treat yourself with some fresh seafood at a reasonable rate then Cedar Key is the place for you. Dive down the shallow waters for some fresh catch and you can enjoy your seafood for free or approach some restaurants to cook it for you at a cheap rate.
  4. The tropical greens of Orlando promise absolute natural beauty for free. Visit the Happy P. Leu Garden, a 50 acre botanical-garden with winding pathways, oasis, stream garden, butterfly garden, and many more.

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