3 Destinations In Sao Paulo That Gives You A Rich Insight About Their Culture

Sao Paulo is a metropolis city as well as one of the most populated cities in the southeast of Brazil. Sao Paulo is one of the largest Portuguese speaking cities and the 12th most populated city in the world. Sao Paulo has a strong presence internationally with a significant contribution to the field of commerce, arts, entertainment, and finance. Besides this, the city is salon famed for its ultra-modern architecture, sophisticated streets, rich culture and endless attractions for its visitors.

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Ibirapuera Park: Ibirapuera Park is a158 Hectare Park nestled between Republica do Libano, Pedro Alvares Cabral, and Centenario. This park is amongst the most beautiful park in South America and witnesses more than 14 million visitors annually.  The park features sophisticated garden scrapes and inspired by modern drafts. This park was designed by Robert Burle Marx.

Sao Paulo Zoo: Sao Paulo Zoo is one of the largest zoo located in the south of the city. The zoo is home to more than 3,200 different animals, 216 bird species, 102 mammal’s specie, 95 reptile species, 15 amphibians, and 16 invertebrates.  Animals include black jaguar, bobcats, leopards, parrots, macaws, deer’s, bush dogs and many more.

Municipal Market of Sao Paulo: Municipal Market of Sao Paulo is one of the largest public markets in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The market was designed by the mastermind-Francisco Ramos De Azevedo and was first inaugurated in1953 as a wholesale market. Today the market is known as a big market and specializes in local produce, handmade crafts, fresh vegetables, colorful cafes, spices, meats, cereals and many more.

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