Why You Should Visit Canada At Least Once In Your Lifetime?

Canada is one of the most beautiful destinations on this planet. From glacial-fed lakes, striking landscapes, national parks, animal watching spots, snow-peaked mountains, Canada has a lot to offer its visitors on every occasion.  When measured by the total area it is the world’s largest and is one of the most diverse countries.

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Here are some insane reasons as to why Canada should be in your bucket list:

  1. Canada is home to 38 national parks as of 2019. Some of the most popular national parks are Banff National park, Pacific Rim National Reserve, Mount Revelstoke and Glacier, Riding Mountain National park, Gros Morne National park, Jasper National Park, Thousand Island National park, Fundy National park, etc.
  2. Owing to its unique landscape and weather Canada is one of the best places to enjoy outdoor activities ranging from skiing, hiking, cycling, fishing, camping, boating, paragliding, animal watching, and many more at an affordable cost.
  3. Canada has been blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes. Whether you are seeking to go camping amidst panoramic views on the backdrop, turquoise lakes that illuminate at night or you are looking for a place where you can get a glimpse of the starry skies it is home to all.
  4. For animal enthusiasts and alike Canada is one of the best regions to spot one of your favorite animals. As it is home to plenty of national parks you can easily spot animals like grizzly bears, wolves, Beluga whales, dolphins, salmon, bison, elks, moose, caribou, polar bears, you have endless opportunities to do so.

Canada besides its famed landscape has a good concentration of museums like the Canadian War Museum, Canadian museum of art, Royal Ontario Museum, Royal BC Museum, etc. For more info visit American Airlines.

Top Tourist Destination You Cannot Miss out in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most important metropolitan cities of the Peoples Republic of China. It is home to around 7.5 million residents making it one of the densest regions in the world. Hong Kong is also one of the most important centers in the world in regards to finance, trade and commerce, and commercial ports.  It is home to the 2nd highest number of billionaires in the world and one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. Besides its rising economy, Hong Kong is also home to some of the most beautiful tourist attractions like Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Harbour, Tian Tian Buddha, Sky 100 Hong Kong Observatory Dock, Hong Kong Wetland Park and many more.

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Narrow down your searches with the list of destinations we have made for you

Hong Kong Wetland: Hong Kong Wetland Park is conservation as well as an education center and a popular tourist attraction.  It stretches for 10000 sq. meters and a 60-hectare Wetland Reserve. The park holds the highest recorded temperature before Typhoon Hato affected this region.

Victoria Harbour: Victoria Harbour is a natural harbor located on the south of the Kowloon Peninsula. The harbor features deep sheltered water that has played an important part in Hong Kong’s establishment as a British colony. The harbor is acknowledged for its active role in harboring thousands of international vessels every year and is a major tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

Sky100 Observation Deck: Sky100 is an indoor observation deck at the International Commerce Centre, West Kowloon, and Hong Kong. The observation deck is located on the 100th floor and gives 360 unrivaled views of the city. It offers spectacular views of Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, Tai Mo Shan, etc. The observation deck can be reached by using a high-speed lift from the entrance on the second floor. For more Info to flight tickets visit American Airlines today.

Top 3 Beautiful Attractions in Richmond

Richmond is the capital city of Virginia, incorporated in 1742, and became an independent city in 1871. It is the fourth most populated region of Virginia and the third most populated metro state. Richmond was once an important village and a settled colony for the English from 1609-1611. Richmond is in fact home to the world’s first successful electric streetcar system. Some of the most popular attractions in Richmond include Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Maymont, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, American Civil War Museum, Virginia State Capitol, the Poe Museum, Hollywood Cemetry, and many more.

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Here are the Top 3 Beautiful Attractions in Richmond:

Maymont: Maymont is a Victorian estate as well as a public park in Richmond, Virginia. This 100-acre public park is home to an arboretum, a historic house, green spacious gardens, a carriage collection, a natural center, a children’s farm, and a native wildlife exhibit. The major attraction includes the Japanese garden where you can sit and relax the peaceful environment of the Koi pond and the large waterfall. Animal collections include geese, alligator, elk, American bison, bear, foxes, etc.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is a botanical garden located in Lakeside Neighborhood. It stretches for 50 acres and serves as a conservation center, a tea house restaurant, and a library café. This garden is also notable for hosting several special events, art exhibitions, live music, tours, seminars, educational programs, and many more.

The Virginia State Capitol: The Virginia State Capitol is a National Historic Landmark that was first established in 1619 by the House of Burgesses. For more information and complete travel assistance, you can visit American Airlines today.

Amazing Facts about Belgium You should Know

Belgium is one of the most beautiful regions in Western Europe bordered by popular destinations like Netherlands, Germany, France in the southwest region, Luxembourg in the southeast and the North Sea in the northwest region. With a total population of 11.5 million residents, Belgium is the 22nd most densely populated country in Europe. Brussels is its capital city while other major cities include Antwerp, Charleroi, Namur, Leuven, Liege, and many more.

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1.         Narrow down your searches with the list of facts we have prepared for you:

Belgium is a federal constitutional monarchy and a sovereign state with a parliamentary system.

2.         Belgium has been divided into 3 autonomous regions namely – the Flemish Region in the north, the Brussels Capital Region, and the Wallonia in the south.

3.         Belgium is one of the most bilingual cities with much Dutch-speaking population, French, German. Its bilingual features are greatly influenced by the complex government system, history, and political conflicts.

4.         It has been named after the Latin word- Gallic War used by Julius Caesar during the 55BCE.

5.         During the early 20th century Belgium was successful in possessing several African colonies and also became a major participant in the Industrial Revolution.

6.         Belgium is among the key members of the European Union, the host country of several official seats like the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament.

7.         Belgium is also the founding member of WTO, NATO, OECD, the trilateral Benelux Union, the Schengen Area, etc.

8.         Belgium has consistently top when we talk about the safest and the most peaceful countries in the world.

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Best Places for Road Trip in Alberta, Canada

Alberta has plenty of scenic roads and places where you can experience amazing Road trips. These regions remain largely untouched while offering endless opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Some of the best places in Canada for road trips are Banff National Park, Downtown Calgary, Vancouver Island, Cabot Trail, Icefields Parkway, Gaspe Peninsula, Okanagan Valley, Georgian Bay Coastal Route and many more.

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Narrow down your searches with the list we have prepared

Georgian Bay Coastal-Route: Georgian Bay Coastal-Route is situated along the Georgian Bay and comprises a chain of 30,000 tiny island inlets that stretches for almost 2000kms. The coastal route circle around the bay area from Toronto towards Manitoulin Island and Wasaga Beach. This road trip promises scenic drive, Killarney Provincial Park, towards the world’s largest freshwater island and spectacular beaches. Late August to mid-September is considered the ideal month for this road trip.

The Trans-Canada Highway: The Trans-Canada Highway stretches throughout 10 provinces and is the most epic of all the road trips. This road trip begins from Victoria and stops at Newfoundland and Labrador. This road trip will cover amazing places like Lake Louise, the Canadian Rockies, the capital in Ottawa, Banff National Park, Fundy National Park, Gros Morne National Park, Quebec City, etc. The months of March to October when is considered the ideal months for a road trip.

Vancouver Island: Vancouver Island is another iconic road trip with some of the most beautiful landscapes, beaches, rolling hills, expansive coastlines, and lush green rainforest. It also covers places like Tofino and Victoria, Cowichan Valley, Cathedral Grave, and Chesterman Beach. All these places although miles apart promise endless activities ranging from sunset vies, surfing, winery tasting, and many more. Get the best Flights Deals with American Airlines.